Scattered Thoughts

World Mental Health Day 2017   No we are not looking for attention. No we cannot just “get over it”. No we cannot just be more positive. Mental illness – an invisible disease – is so often just swept under the rug. We are too often told that it’s all just in our heads and … More Scattered Thoughts

You won

So. Three years ago I abandoned this blog and I haven’t revisited my previous entries in attempt to avoid a very large cringe session. Due to utter boredom and procrastination I have rediscovered my so called blog, who knows who actually takes the time out to read it. About 3 months ago I decided that … More You won

Notice more

Right at this moment I am sitting at the edge of a sort of cliff looking over the ocean in the sun. It is amazing the stillness you feel looking at Gods creation, the mighty roar of the ocean’s waves is something I can’t comprehend. I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of water, … More Notice more