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About Maxi Jay

hey there world, I'm Maxine :) After two years I finally decided to register on a blog site and start blogging. I really do love to write and share my amazing experiences with everyone. I'm an eighteen year old dancer and if you'd let me, I'd like to bore you with tales of my travels and everyday life and the things I learn and gain from it all. I'm very passionate about many things in my life and I hope you all enjoy my writing about these aspects of my life. Lots of love Maxi xx

Notice more


Right at this moment I am sitting at the edge of a sort of cliff looking over the ocean in the sun. It is amazing the stillness you feel looking at Gods creation, the mighty roar of the ocean’s waves is something I can’t comprehend. I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of water, I have a fear of swimming in deep waters. A fear of drowning I guess. But the big blue has always intrigued me, I could sit here for hours on end just staring. Such a huge mystery of what lies in these waters, what stories it has to tell. How could you not be fascinated? 

I see my friends walking to bats cave on the high rocks across the waves and I can’t believe how blessed we are. God is an artist and some of his finest work is definitely here in South Africa. And here I am sun bathing in its glory, His glory. I feel so inspired to write, to sing, to praise! How could I not with the most stunning view rushing to and fro beneath my toes? 

It saddens me that I don’t appreciate this beauty more. We try copy landscapes to create the best artwork, but my God created that landscape from his own amazing mind! He could have given us plain, stone walls but no.. He gave us every colour of the rainbow mixed together into the most breathtaking sights. I’m in awe of his creation. 

We need to take in more, notice more. The sun setting, the flowers blossoming, the way water catches the suns light and somehow shines. Humanity might be quite horrible but this earth sure isn’t. We’re lucky to have this scenery that was created for us and just imagine what is to come one day when our savior comes back! It’s moments like these where time just stops and your breath is taken away by such beauty. Thank you Lord for blessing us with this artistic creation, for earth. 

I’m gonna let it shine 


One problem about living in South Africa is that we have to sit through this thing called load shedding. Load shedding is pretty much where different areas get their electricity cut for a few hours because South Africa simply cannot provide for the whole country all at the same time. As highly annoying as all us South Africans find it, it was a slight blessing in disguise for me today.

I suffer from depression and I go through some really bad low times, at the moment I’m experiencing one of those lows. I’m sure you can all relate to me when I say it feels like I have absolutely no reason to be on this planet right now. So during this infuriating load shedding I decided to light a small candle as I didn’t want to use my iPhone’s torch because of my increasing low battery. This tiny candle lit up my whole room and I was instantly reminded of a song we sang so often in Sunday school at church, ‘this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine..’. If you never had to sing this song I suggest you look it up, it’s definitely a huge reminder of my childhood. While singing this song over in my head I realised that just like I lit my little candle to lighten my room, God lit a candle in my heart to lighten the world. I know I may feel useless right now but the truth is somewhere within my lows God is using me to light up a dark place so others can see the only true light, Jesus. It says in the bible that God is the way, the truth and the light (John 14:6). And even though we may do certain things in our lives that we feel separate us from God or we just feel that there’s no possible way that God will use us for anything, we can be sure that, that is not true. God forever has a plan for you no matter what mistakes you make and he never leaves your side (Jeremiah 29:11, Joshua 1:9).

We are all like little candles, we all feel useless and small at some stage but the truth is if you let God light that fire in your heart, you can light up the darkest of places. I may suffer from depression but my Father gives me purpose and joy. We were all created to shine our light in dark places, whether you’re doing big things or not. Don’t let your mistakes, thoughts or in my case depression darken you, if God is for us then nothing can stand against us (Romans 8:13). Go on and lighten your school, your work place, your home. Maybe your flame is small but you’ve got a great God behind it.

If my small candle can lighten my entire room then you can definitely go lighten others lives with the true light, our Lord Jesus during your daily routines! God bless xx

Don’t be afraid, just believe


It’s very much summer here in South Africa, today proving it with a humid 34 degrees. Obviously I spent today in the outdoors and tried to catch a bit of a tan before I surrendered to the pool.

While I was tanning in the quite uncomfortable heat at the time I blocked out the sun with one of my hands to shade my face. While doing this I realised that my small hand was blocking out something that if you got too close to, you’d just burn up into ashes. Something that if you stared at, could blind you. Just my hand could block out the mighty sun so my eyes would not have to hurt.

This really made me think about how just one human can make the biggest change. There are so many people in this world that have caused some of the biggest and greatest changes just because they had the bravery to follow a dream, thought or passion that they had. But biggest of all a man was born on this earth in just a stable and because of Him the greatest change was able to happen. He took all our sins upon Himself, on the cross where he was crucified so we were able to live with Him one day.

If one man could bring us the most amazing change through the power of God, then why can’t we? It states that “anything is possible through Christ who strengthens me” in the bible, so why hold back? It doesn’t necessarily mean you could end world hunger or invent a time travel machine but if you have the feeling to do it then why hold back when the mightiest being ever is there to strengthen you? So go ahead and start that charity event, travel to that devastated country, bake the worlds best cake! If you are working within the will of God then nothing can stand against you.

The Lord is with you where ever you may go, He’s put a passion in your heart for a reason and wants you to take those risks. He promises to never leave you or forsake you, He will always be by your side. He will use everyone for great things whether big or small. You may see the results soon or they may happen way after your time but because of God working through you, it could be YOU that ended that quarrel between friends or even a war.

God wants to use you and now is the time to step up. He is a lamp unto your path and will guide you to where He wants you. There is no need to fear for He will always be with you. Put your trust into Him and He will take you to incredible places.

Don’t be afraid, just believe.