Notice more

Right at this moment I am sitting at the edge of a sort of cliff looking over the ocean in the sun. It is amazing the stillness you feel looking at Gods creation, the mighty roar of the ocean’s waves is something I can’t comprehend. I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of water, I have a fear of swimming in deep waters. A fear of drowning I guess. But the big blue has always intrigued me, I could sit here for hours on end just staring. Such a huge mystery of what lies in these waters, what stories it has to tell. How could you not be fascinated? 

I see my friends walking to bats cave on the high rocks across the waves and I can’t believe how blessed we are. God is an artist and some of his finest work is definitely here in South Africa. And here I am sun bathing in its glory, His glory. I feel so inspired to write, to sing, to praise! How could I not with the most stunning view rushing to and fro beneath my toes? 

It saddens me that I don’t appreciate this beauty more. We try copy landscapes to create the best artwork, but my God created that landscape from his own amazing mind! He could have given us plain, stone walls but no.. He gave us every colour of the rainbow mixed together into the most breathtaking sights. I’m in awe of his creation. 

We need to take in more, notice more. The sun setting, the flowers blossoming, the way water catches the suns light and somehow shines. Humanity might be quite horrible but this earth sure isn’t. We’re lucky to have this scenery that was created for us and just imagine what is to come one day when our savior comes back! It’s moments like these where time just stops and your breath is taken away by such beauty. Thank you Lord for blessing us with this artistic creation, for earth. 


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