I’m gonna let it shine 

One problem about living in South Africa is that we have to sit through this thing called load shedding. Load shedding is pretty much where different areas get their electricity cut for a few hours because South Africa simply cannot provide for the whole country all at the same time. As highly annoying as all us South Africans find it, it was a slight blessing in disguise for me today.

I suffer from depression and I go through some really bad low times, at the moment I’m experiencing one of those lows. I’m sure you can all relate to me when I say it feels like I have absolutely no reason to be on this planet right now. So during this infuriating load shedding I decided to light a small candle as I didn’t want to use my iPhone’s torch because of my increasing low battery. This tiny candle lit up my whole room and I was instantly reminded of a song we sang so often in Sunday school at church, ‘this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine..’. If you never had to sing this song I suggest you look it up, it’s definitely a huge reminder of my childhood. While singing this song over in my head I realised that just like I lit my little candle to lighten my room, God lit a candle in my heart to lighten the world. I know I may feel useless right now but the truth is somewhere within my lows God is using me to light up a dark place so others can see the only true light, Jesus. It says in the bible that God is the way, the truth and the light (John 14:6). And even though we may do certain things in our lives that we feel separate us from God or we just feel that there’s no possible way that God will use us for anything, we can be sure that, that is not true. God forever has a plan for you no matter what mistakes you make and he never leaves your side (Jeremiah 29:11, Joshua 1:9).

We are all like little candles, we all feel useless and small at some stage but the truth is if you let God light that fire in your heart, you can light up the darkest of places. I may suffer from depression but my Father gives me purpose and joy. We were all created to shine our light in dark places, whether you’re doing big things or not. Don’t let your mistakes, thoughts or in my case depression darken you, if God is for us then nothing can stand against us (Romans 8:13). Go on and lighten your school, your work place, your home. Maybe your flame is small but you’ve got a great God behind it.

If my small candle can lighten my entire room then you can definitely go lighten others lives with the true light, our Lord Jesus during your daily routines! God bless xx


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