Spontaneous Weekends

With this weekend creeping up and flying by as they do, I am reminded of some wonderful fun that I had. I am one of those people who are perfectly happy with being glued to my bed and television as well as being perfectly happy with doing absolutely nothing with my time. And with a few events that were happening at my church with some Christian surfers from something called CSALT, my duvet was calling me louder than ever (yes I am not one for water either).

However I decided to get up and get out and had a surprisingly amazing time. It was in fact the best weekend I had in a long time. The company was great, I usually stick to being alone at home because of insecurities but the people I spent time with couldn’t have been more lovely. I met these surfers who came from all over the world so my three days were filled with all completely different accents. All in all it was an amazing experience being with these people as well as my church family and I actually spent majority of my Saturday on the beach. Despite my lovely sunburn and slight fear of drowning, I had a brilliant time being dunked in the ocean and had many laughs. It felt like I had forgotten how, there’s no better feeling than that of having your body overflowing with joy.

It was great to be reminded of the fun of getting out my room and the goodness of great company. Although I didn’t take the free lesson on learning how to surf, I did learn that being out in Gods great creation and with fellow Jesus followers is probably one of the best things and one I’ve been missing out on. Not that I’m going to suddenly ditch my lovely bed and Harry Potter DVD’s, but I’m excited to be having more weekends like my last.

If I leave you with one thing, the next beach day or forest walk you really just don’t feel like, just fight urge to laze about and go. It might turn out to be the best time of your life.

Many hugs to all, Maxi xx




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